Domenico Bordieri

Equity partner / Padova / Law

Domenico graduated from classical high school and received his law degree from the Università di Parma, discussing a thesis on "The Legal Value of the Electronic Document."

He did his professional practice at the office of lawyer Antonio Rampin in Padua, dealing mainly with professional liability and Insurance law. He attended the notary school of the Triveneto Committee, as well as the Anselmo Anselmi school in Rome, thus gaining specialized expertise in commercial contracts and succession law.

After working with attorney Luca Filipponi, he opened his own practice which he ran up to January 2012, when he formed a professional association with colleague Elisabetta Zanella.

Domenico believes that technology is a great tool, if known and applied in the right measure; that is why he obtained a Level II Master's degree at the Università of Padova on Network Law.

His education and experience have led him to become an expert in assisting businesses and commercial companies, particularly in contracts referring to acquisitions. He also assists private individuals in inheritance law, interacting with the other departments of the associated firm, in judicial and extrajudicial matters, in commercial, bankruptcy and banking law, but also in family law.

"I am a believer in specialized expertise and collaboration, where the former brings knowledge and the latter adds up the contributions of the former to form the best possible strategy. I am happy to contribute my time and availability to the activities of the Giovanni Celeghin Onlus Foundation, of which I am a member of the Board of Directors, which carries out activities to further research against oncological diseases and in particular brain tumors."

He is a Territorial Judge for the Italian Rugby Federation. He enjoys playing sports, as well as watching them.

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