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BMV: law, tax & finance

Born from the collaboration of five prestigious Italian firms -
Bondioni, Magni & Partners, Marazzi&Associati, Patroni Griffi, Vecchio - BMV becomes a national and international point of reference for high value-added services in the areas of legal and financial consulting.

We are a strategic partner that supports companies throughout their development with innovative and tailor-made solutions thanks to the wide and diversified expertise of our team of professionals.

What we do

The only way to succeed in national and international markets is operating in a conscious way. That means taking into account the legal, fiscal, financial, logistical, and contractual aspects, and knowing how to manage critical risk factors to set up a winning business strategy and maintain it over time, eventually modifying it to fit any possible circumstances or unforeseen opportunities.

BMV is a strategic partner for companies that aim to achieve ambitious goals. We do so by providing specialized and integrated services in the following areas:


Company Profile


Is it time for Greenshoring?

The process of returning the production and manufacturing of goods back to the company's original country, or reshoring, is a trend that has been accelerating rapidly in recent years. The pandemic, geopolitical tensions and demands from various markets to ...


The civil trial reform: a focus on family and children

On June 22, 2022, a significant section of Delegated Law No. 206/2021 went into effect. Numerous reforms affect children and family law, a key area of civil cases. To talk about it is Maura Magni, president and managing partner of BMV, in the article she w...