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BMV is a firm that combines the expertise of professionals in the legal, tax, and HR consulting fields to offer specialized services to companies.

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The only way to succeed in national and international markets is operating in a conscious way. That means taking into account the legal, fiscal, financial, logistical, and contractual aspects, and knowing how to manage critical risk factors to set up a winning business strategy and maintain it over time, eventually modifying it to fit any possible circumstances or unforeseen opportunities.

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Informed consent in clinical trials

In Italy, informed consent is regulated by Legislative Decree no. 211/2003, which establishes the procedures and conditions for obtaining informed consent and the methods of informing participants in clinical trials.


Alert: SEC Releases Its 2023 Annual Examination Priorities

Attention Investment Advisers, Investment Companies, and Private Funds. The SEC Division of Examinations recently announced its 2023 examination priorities.

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