Elisabetta Zanella

Equity partner / Padova / Law

Elisabetta received her high school diploma and law degree - with honors - from the University of Padova, with a thesis on "private law contracts of the Public Administration."

She did her practice at the office of lawyer Trabucchi, focusing on civil and administrative law, and later at the office of lawyer Stefano de' Micheli, gaining further expertise in civil law, and in particular bankruptcy, corporate and commercial law. She worked with the firm of attorneys Paolo Chiarelli and Maria Dalla Serra, increasing her professional experience in the areas of civil law, corporate and commercial law, and banking law and civil enforcement.

Numerous assignments as counsel in bankruptcy proceedings with the Courts of Padua and Vicenza, led Elisabetta to develop expertise in bankruptcy law.

In 2006 she founded her own law firm, continuing the practice of civil law, with particular emphasis in bankruptcy and banking law, also maturing more than ten years of expertise in assisting private individuals in the field of family law, separations and divorces, as well as in supporting administrations and voluntary jurisdiction procedures in general.

In January 2012, she formed a professional association with his colleague Domenico Bordieri, thus completing a specialized expertise to assist commercial enterprises rather than individuals. In fact, the expertise of assisting businesses and companies in the judicial sphere has been complemented with that of Domenico, predominantly extrajudicial, combining the expertise in family law in separation and divorce with that of successions. This way, the firm is able to provide comprehensive, in-depth and specialized assistance and expertise.

Elisabetta is a member of the Governing Council of Padua Law, a cultural association that aims to stimulate reflection on knowledge, and in particular on legal knowledge; "like my fellow members of the Governing Council, I am a believer that knowledge allows for true analysis and true understanding, through confrontation - precisely because of different mindsets or points of view - guarantees progress. Every closure represents a missed opportunity."

She was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of Padova Hall S.p.a., a company held by the City, the Province and the Chamber of Commerce of Padua for the management of events, fairs and congresses aimed at supporting the production and dissemination of innovation and technology transfer.

She enjoys sports and hard work. She was recently appointed to the Six Nations Women's Committee (the Six Nations Women's Rugby tournament). She follows fashion and her suitcase is always ready.


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