Vera Lucia Stigliano

Equity partner / Varese / Law

Graduated with a law degree from the University of Milan in 1995 with a focus on Labour. Since 2000 she has been a Labour Consultant registered at no. 520 of the Order of Labour Consultants of the province of Varese.

A member of BMV Law Tax Finance since 2022, managing the area of HR Consultancy and collaborating in the area of Gender Equity in accompanying the UNI 125-2022 certification.

She has led for over twenty years a professional firm -today Stigliano Advisor- building a network of relationships and partnerships with professionals specialized in different areas of interest and thus assisting -as Advisor- Domestic and Multinational Companies, Professional Orders, Private Citizens in the fields of personnel administration, industrial relations, HR and labor law issues.

She has been collaborating for more than a decade with leading tax firms in the province of Varese as CTP on court appointment.

Active in the institutional field for the category of Labor Consultants, she has held the highest leadership roles at the provincial level for 18 years. She participated as an internal commissioner in the 2010 and 2021 session for the State Examinations for the licensing of the profession of Labor Consultant.

She has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Labor Consultants Foundation since 2018; ASSE.CO Asseverator since 2018; Civil and Commercial Mediator since 2021 enrolled in No. 163 of the O.M.C.C. of Labor Consultants

Attentive to quality training in January 2023 she finished a specialization course at SDA Bocconi on business strategies for the 2030 horizon.

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