Maura Magni

Equity partner / Varese / Law

Graduated in law from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan with an international focus in 2000, Lawyer at the Court of Varese since 2006 and Cassationist since 2018. 

She has worked as a consultant for Public Administrations in the fields of Community Policies, Productive Activities, Technological Innovation, Public Work and Contracts. 

In 2009, Maura founded the Studio Magni & Partners with a team of professionals specialized in different areas in order to assist public entities, companies and individuals in the fields of administrative law, civil law, labour law, criminal law and business crisis. 

In 2020, she obtained a Master’s degree specializing in family law of minors and successions and is a Support Administrator and Curator of Estates at the Court of Varese. 

Active in the social field, Maura has held the highest roles at a national level and important positions at an international level in a non-profit organization operating in the field of child protection in 80 countries worldwide. She is an expert in Third Sector legislation and has promoted several initiatives in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and the new paradigms of Agenda 2030.

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