ESG criteria in M&A transactions

HOT TOPIC - Evaluating a company is no longer limited to assessing its ability to produce profits but also to achieve ethical outcomes such as social inclusion or environmental protection. To talk about this topic is Maura Magni, president and managing partner of BMV.

"The importance of ESG factors at the national, European and international level is continuously growing, and there is an increasing activity of standardization and regulation of the same with reference to the different application areas," writes Magni for 4cLegal.

"It is precisely in this context that the relevance that all economic operators (investors, clients, entrepreneurs), give to ESG criteria within M&A transactions increases: a company that respects these criteria is more "attractive" to investors. Compliance with ESG criteria, in fact, is becoming to all intents and purposes synonymous to "business quality" of a company both in the eyes of end users and possible investors, whose goal is sustainable and responsible investment in order to create value in the medium to long term."

To learn more about this topic, you can read the full article at the following link: 4cLegal - ESG criteria in M&A transactions

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