Council approves conclusions on cyber posture

The conclusions approved by the European Council for defense against cyber threats to European interests focus on protecting the security.

The cyberspace has become the arena of geopolitical competition, in which cyberattacks against the European Union will be promptly detected, targeted, and neutralized with appropriate tools and policies.

The five functions the Council recognizes for the European Union are:

1.resilience and ability to protect;

2.increased solidarity and all-inclusive crisis management;

3.promotion of a European vision of cyberspace;

4.increased cooperation with partner countries and international organizations;

5. preventing, defending and responding to cyberattacks.

The ministers asked the Commission to take action on common cybersecurity, starting with interconnected devices and involving authorities such as the European Cyber Security Agency (ENISA). The goal is formulating recommendations to strengthen communication networks and infrastructure, as well as the organization of cyber exercises, aimed at testing and developing the European response to large-scale cyber incidents.

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