Famous Italian attorney-at-law joins Saving Lives team


The managing team of the Saving Lives humanitarian project, run by the SCM businesses of Rinat Akhmetov, has been joined by one more top-notch expert. Famous attorney-at-law and law professor Fabio Marazzi is now a Program Board member. With his addition, the initiative will strengthen its representation among the international community of lawyers, and will also be able to address legal issues more quickly and efficiently.

Fabio Marazzi, a graduate of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, is the co-founder and senior managing partner of BMV Law Tax Finance. His fields of expertise include international commercial law, M&A, transnational company agreements, EU law, innovation regulations and internationalization. He is also a member of several public and private boards and supervisory bodies, of national and international organizations (ASIL, IBA, UIA, ABA), of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) and the FICM-MCN, the largest transnational independent dispute resolution organization in the world. He is also a university lecturer in EU and international law.

The Italian lawyer has become the fifth permanent member of the Saving Lives Program Board, where he teams up with Darijo Srna, the FC Shakhtar football director, Horst Wiesinger, a steel industry expert, Maria Grimaldi, a workplace relations expert, and Manuel Tunon de Lara, the president of France Universit├ęs, the conference of French university presidents.

This strong team of experts share the same goal, which is to help the Ukrainians on the near-front territories and save them from the humanitarian catastrophe. The activities of the Program Board help new donors and partners join the project, optimize procurement and logistics, and make the organization's representation in the international arena stronger. So far, the Saving Lives project has helped hundreds of people who live in communities right in the middle or close to the combat area. The geography and the scale of the aid continue to grow day-by-day.


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