Two BMV members sit on the Honorary Committee for the International Promotion of the La Fenice Theater

We are pleased to announce that Fabio Marazzi, Senior Managing Partner, and Riccardo Samiolo, Managing Director, compose as founding members the Honorary Committee for the International Promotion of the La Fenice Theater in Venice.

The committee, created on April 1st, 2022, and chaired by the General Manager Andrea Erri, exists to support the long-term artistic and financial success of this historic theatre. Of central importance to Venice and its cultural heritage, Teatro La Fenice is a great source of local pride that enjoys international renown as a theatre that celebrates the traditions of opera and actively participates in the continuing evolution of the art form.

The Members of the committee will form a network of ambassadors, consultants, and donors who will promote excellence alongside the theatre’s Superintendent and Artistic Director, with whom the committee collaborates on projects that can benefit from international support.

The specific objectives of the Committee, defined during its constitution, are defined as follows:

  • promote and sustain the traditions and practices of the Gran Teatro La Fenice;
  • sustain and develop the international reputation of the Theatre;
  • raise funds to support the activities of the Theatre;
  • engage both private individuals and companies, often through specific projects such as new productions or concerts, as sponsors;
  • support innovative activities, such as newly-commissioned works, productions and community outreach initiatives,
  • sustain the theatre’s strong tradition of supporting emerging artists;
  • develop community engagement, welcoming new audiences and supporters to engage with the Theatre;
  • manage and coordinate events for the Theatre’s network of international supporters.

Anyone interested in more information on the Committee can contact the marketing office of the Theater or send an email to

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