Deadline for collecting feedback on pharmaceutical legislation reform approaches tomorrow, June 22, 2023

What is being called the most important reform of the past two decades is under stakeholder scrutiny until tomorrow, June 22. In fact, the European Commission has granted an 8-week period for gathering feedback.

This reform aims to modernize the pharmaceutical sector with a patient-centered approach that also fully supports an innovative and competitive industry.

Some new developments:

  • Creation of a single market for medicines
  • Reducing administrative requirements so that medicines reach patients more rapidly
  • Increased access to affordable medicines
  • Addressing drug shortages and ensuring certainty of supply
  • Encouragement of innovation and competitiveness
  • Pharmaceutical sustainability
  • Fighting antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

However, early commentators on the reform have pointed out some critical issues regarding its impact on competitiveness, defined as "very heavy" on the pharmaceutical industry in Europe and Italy, as well as its impact on investment and employment.

In fact, one of the biggest perplexities concerns intellectual property, which should not be reduced even by a day, according to Farmindustria's April 26 Press Release.

The risk will be that new drugs and vaccines will arrive sooner in countries that provide a more favorable framework.

It remains to be seen in the weeks ahead how the European Commission will incorporate the suggestions of the public survey.

For more information visit: Reform of the EU pharmaceutical legislation Affordable, accessible, and innovative medicines

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